IMPORTANT Information for Mac Users:

If you own a mac please read before registering and entering inventory.

The bar coding company we use has notified us that they have discovered a bug in the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser that causes barcoded tags to print incorrectly (they will look fine on the screen but have errors once printed).

The error is within the new version of  Firefox, not with the bar code company.

This bug only affects Mac users who are also using the Mozilla Firefox browser and printing PDF tags. Tags printed in html, or from an iphone or ipad do not seem to be affected.

The error is that the item number and the price can be switched between tags up to 25% of the time. The company has assured us that there is no way that seller numbers can be affected. 

So, what do you need to do?  Nothing special until you go to print your tags. You need to print tags in an operating system other than Firefox. Chrome is recommended. If, when using Chrome, you experience your tags being cut in half or other print errors, you can use the pdf option instead of printing them directly from your browser (as long as it's not in Firefox!).